President Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to welcome, meet, and greet you to Igbo Union of Baton Rouge website.

Igbo Union of Baton Rouge, in the great state of Louisiana, is a non-profit socio-cultural organization with a mission to promote, support, and advance Igbo language, culture (omenala or omenani), and civilization.

Allwell Opusunju
President Igbo Union of Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Igbo People History

Nigeria is in West Africa, along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, and just north of the equator. It is bordered on the west by Benin, on the north by Niger and Chad, and on the east by Cameroon.

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Igbo Union Family Picnic,  2020

Igbo Union Family Christmas Celebration 2020                   

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2019 Igbo Union Fundraising Event